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Race Nights

A Race Night is a unique and entertaining way of fundraising for your chosen Organisation/Charity and ensure maximum enjoyment at the same time. A Race Night can be hosted at your chosen Club, Charity or Venue and all we need to make this a successful evening is access to power.

All Race Nights booked with CR Entertainments Ltd come with the following:-
  • PA System & Projector
  • Experienced Compare for the Duration
  • Race Tickets & Payout Calculation System
  • Race Sheet (Posted Out When Booked)
  • Ticket Sellers (You can hire these at £75 per person or provide your own)

How It Works

Each race night consists of 8 races, and each race consists of 8 Horses and 8 Jockeys - we would suggest that you sell these prior to the event at a cost per item, e.g. £2.50.

If you sell all 8 Horses and 8 Jockeys prior to the event at £2.50 each then this will raise you £320 prior to the evening. You can also decide to find people to sponsor the 8 races, and if you can sponsor each race at £10 each then this would raise another £80, meaning that the total raised prior to the evening would be £400.

You can of course amend these fee's as you wish, however as shown its very possible that you can really begin the night in profit and all money earned on the night would then be for your Club or Charity.

In terms of the night, all bets placed will be for £1. The bet split will be 50%, meaning that 50p of each bet will go to your Club/Charity and then 50p will be assigned to the winning horse. Therefore, if there are 50 bets placed per race, £25 would go to the Club and £25 would be split amongst the winners.

The final race of the night will be the 'Auction Race'. We will auction the 8 horses to the highest bidders in the room to create a separate fund alongside the normal race. If each horse is sold for £5 this fund would be £40. Once the race is ran, the split would be 50% meaning that £20 would go to the winning horse and £20 would go to the fundraising groups.


Total £250.00

*Price within 80 miles of Luton, Bedfordshire. For other areas, please contact.

Package One - Charity Fundraiser

Our Race Night Charity Fundraiser Package is the perfect way to raise funds for your Charity or Club. The package includes:-
  • 9 x Horse Races (9th Race is Auction Race)
  • Experienced Host for the Evening
  • Projector, PA System & Background Music
  • Posters & Race Sheets
  • Betting System and Payouts
  • Proven Fundraising Technique to be in Profit before the night!
  • Ticket Sellers (Provide your own to reduce the costs)
By following our techniques prior to the night, you can expect to find yourself at least £150 in profit before the night even begins. Add to this Ticket Sales and a Raffle and you can really be in profit before the FUN even begins. Then on the night, you earn 50% of the Race Takings and Auction. Its a great way of raising funds and you can easily raise upwards of £500 for your Club/Charity.
We charge a one off fee to present the Race Nights - we do not take a percentage of any money raised prior to or on the night.

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